Even if the Eagles, Flyers, Phillies, or 76-ers aren’t in town, there’s still reason to hop the Broad Street Line and take it to the last (AT&T) stop that offers access to the sports arenas and, most importantly, to XFINITY Live! Philadelphia.

On game-less nights, the complex—with its six bars/restaurants/lounges—offers concerts and other activities to entertain Philadelphians. “Our outdoor sound stage comfortably holds a standing-room-only crowd of 1,500,” Nadine Enders, Director of Marketing at XFINITY Live! Philadelphia said. “We sell the concert tickets online ahead of the event for $10. Tickets are $20 at the door. It makes a perfect affordable summer night in Philadelphia where people can come and listen to great music, sip cocktails, and dine at one of our restaurants.”

Besides the indoor hotspots, concert-goers can purchase drinks from beer girls stationed at various spots or at the temporary walk-up bar housed in the outdoor area.


On Saturday, July 19, 2014, Nine Days—John Hampson (vocals, guitar), Brian Desveaux (vocals, guitar), Jeremy Dean (keyboards), Nick Dimichino (bass guitar, backing vocals), Vincent Tattanelli (drums, percussion)—took the stage at 8:15 pm. Nine Days is best known for their hit song “Absolutely (Story of a Girl)” from The Madding Crowd CD. Their newest album Something Out of Nothing, released October 2013, has a more country sound, a folksy Americana feel.GB_1652-19JUL14

Before the Gin Blossoms took the stage, fans mingled in XFINITY Live! Philadelphia’s Broad Street Bullies Pub, Live! VIP Lounge, NBC Sports Arena, PBR Bar & Grill, Spectrum Grill, and Victory Beer Hall, dining, drinking, dancing, and riding the mechanical bull at PBR. In the Live! VIP Lounge, Chris the bartender served his specialty cocktails: Mango Mojito, Eastside Martini, Simo Daiquiri.


The Simo Daiquiri is unique. Rather than a frozen concoction, it is a finely crafted and layered drink that Chris mixes in a shaker with shaved iced and then pours into a martini glass. “This drink is my nod to the 40s,” Chris says, dressed in his vested suit complete with suspenders and accented with a tie. He strokes his beard and adds, “I like to research and craft different drinks. My boss encourages me to do that, so I take three or four months to perfect a recipe. Now these are on the menu here.”


Translation: the only place in Philly to find these drinks is at XFINITY Live! Philadelphia when Chris is behind the bar. “If you think this is busy, you should see it on game days. I’m amazed how packed it gets. It’s wall-to-wall Philly fans.” He leans on his tattoed arms and looks over the crowd waiting to hear the Gin Blossoms.

Robin Wilson (lead vocals), Scotty Johnson (lead guitar), Jesse Valenzuela (rhythm guitar), Bill Leen (bass guitar), and Scott Hessel (drums/percussion) were relaxed prior to taking the Xfinity Live! stage. They warmly shook hands and smiled for photos with their fans, a group of twenty who had special back-stage access passes they won from 95.7 BEN FM.


When the lights came up, the 1,500 fans crowded the stage and sang along. Wilson, rattling a tambourine (which he later handed to a fan), played close to the crowd, slapping hi-fives and singing face-to-face with devotees. There was not a silent voice during “Hey, Jealousy” (from New Miserable Experience) and “Follow You Down” (from Congratulations. . .I’m Sorry). After the nearly 90-minute show, he and his bandmates retired to the Live! VIP Lounge where lucky fans chatted and sipped cocktails with them.

GB_1742-19JUL14The XFINITY Live! Philadelphia is the perfect venue for a concert.  In contrast to locations that hold upwards of 20,000, the small crowd allows access to the band and gives attendees that front-row feeling.  Because it is standing-room only, people move back-and-forth at will, and no one seems to mind the slight bumping that occurs as people switch places for a turn at the front.

For a full schedule of events at XFINITY Live! Philadelphia, visit

By Staff Writer: Jann Simmons Andiamo

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