1 Tippling Place is an old style cocktail bar suited for anyone who loves a well crafted alcoholic beverage.  This isn’t a beer joint.  Nor a wine bar.  It’s a cocktail bar.  Here you will not find clean lines and homogenous decor, but rather an interesting and eclectic mix of visual stimulation and lounging comfort.  But first you have to find it.  No sign jumps out and draws you in, you have to be looking.  


Like her establishment, owner Anne Frey seems a bit whimsical and eccentric.  Make no mistake, this is entirely a compliment!  She opened 1 Tippling Place about four years ago.  She loves classic cocktails, and decided to buy property in her neighborhood and started a bar on what appears to be a whim.  She wanted to create somewhere to get a good drink in a classy environment, and she succeeded admirably.  She has never looked back.


Anne maintains a small, loyal staff that has the feel of a family.  Recently, she took her bartender, Myles Carroll, on an extended trip to Mumbai India, where they ran a successful pop up bar in conjunction with a well known local restaurateur.  There, they conceived the plan to create a line of Indian inspired cocktails to bring back to 1 Tippling Place.

We had the privilege of trying Myles’ version of a milk punch.  Milk punch is a classic cocktail, the origins of which date back centuries.  It’s an elegant blend of dairy, liquor, fruit and spices that is a must try.  Myles utilized his creative genius in crafting his unique version of milk punch.  This cocktail can’t be made on the spot for your gratification, but rather requires a complex process that is days in the making.  It’s worth it!  When I heard the word “milk” in the name of the cocktail, I pictured something….., milky!  It’s not.  It’s clear in color, slightly sweet with complex spices that linger on the back of your tongue.  Chilled and refreshing, and certainly not a bit like I expected.


  • Pineapple
  • Green Mango
  • Ginger
  • Lemon
  • Lime
  • Chillies
  • Fennel
  • Peppercorns
  • Star Anise
  • Cardamom
  • Assam tea
  • Cognac
  • Aged Rum


Myles is a guy you would want to hang out with.  In fact, we had the privilege of doing just that.  He got his start in the industry washing dishes at the age of 16.  Through the years he worked from dishwasher to busboy, busboy to waiter, and a number of other restaurant jobs along the way.  Eventually, he landed as a bartender.  He had found his niche.  Visiting NYC and doing a little barhopping expanded his horizons and sparked his creativity.  Although Myles started off as more of a beer guy, he slowly started learning more about crafting cocktails, and practiced his news skills as often as he could.  That practice certainly paid off. He was working in New Brunswick, NJ when he got the call from a friend asking him to move to Philly and bartend at a brand new cocktail bar called 1 Tippling Place.  Fortunately for us, he said yes!


If you love classic cocktails, or like to try new things, you should visit 1 Tippling Place and have Myles create your perfect cocktail.  Try the milk punch, or one of the other Indian-inspired cocktails, which will be available on their menu as of June 15th.  


Need directions?  Google Maps will show you the way!  Word to the wise.  No standing room.  Come early to score one of the 70 available seats and relax knowing there will not be anyone standing over you breathing down your neck while you enjoy your perfect cocktail.  Cheers!

Is the Milk Punch the perfect cocktail? Get down to 1 Tippling Place and give it a try and tell them Fetch-It 360 sent you.

1 Tippling Place
2006 Chestnut St
Philadelphia, PA 19103

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