Hello readers. Before writing this blog, I was wondering what I wanted to write, since a momentous occasion was occurring with the Pope being in Philadelphia.  During the festivities in my neighborhood, there were so many people I encountered on the street who were showing their own arts:  singing, dancing, playing instruments, reciting spoken word, photographing, etc., or just chatting and meeting others.  It conveyed a great feeling of peace and happiness, no matter who you were and who/what you believed in.  I did not want to put Religion into this blog, but after thinking about it Religion does have an impact on one’s own artistic ventures.  So instead of going on and on about all of the different types of Religions in the world and my own personal Religion (which I believe is very personal and individualized to me), I want to focus on Spirituality.

I am sure that many people have many definitions of Spirituality, but I would like to keep the definition simple for this blog:  Spirituality is how one practices their own religion.  Everyone is unique, and each artist as well can represent his or her own spirituality in his/her own creative art.  Whether you believe it or not or whether you believe in anything or not, it does influence your art.  My first painting (“The Vision”), which I am pretty sure I have mentioned before, was based on an aura reading my friend gave me.  First of all, believing in auras in general is part of my own spirituality, and it fostered a painting (which I usually first create in my mind, then on paper, and then on canvas).

That is how paintings usually come to me:  first in my mind, then on paper, and then on canvas.  So as you the artist want to continue developing your art, I would recommend thinking about your own spirituality and all of the aspects of it with a sketchpad or notebook and letting the ideas flow out of your mind and hand.  Spirituality could be as simple as how you envision what or who you believe in (e.g. people, animals, colors, shapes, symbols, etc.), or it could entail phrases or words or other items; anything that is significant or meaningful to you, the artist.  Also, there are so many artists on the internet.

I would recommend researching your own preferred art, and learn more about other artists who create that type of art (or all types of art).  Some artists focus solely on Religion and spirituality as topics of their art, while others put it in some way into their art. I think as part of this blog, you may see a new artist pop up here and there as a discussion and as a way for you, the reader, to see what kind of artists are “out there”.


So I took the week where Pope Francis came to philly to not only celebrate and appreciate the festivities as well to reorganize my home and artist’s space (along with getting rid of five big bags of trash).  It is so important for an artist to have a proper space to work.  I am not saying that you have to go out and rent a huge space; I’m just saying that you have place that you feel comfortable with, is safe for your artistic creations, and is as distraction free as possible.

Some artists enjoy working with others, and some prefer working alone.  When I am painting, I prefer to have soft music playing and to be by myself in the “art room” of my house or even in the living room (sitting on the floor with my painting on the coffee table), or when I am photographing, I explore the sites outside and then go into the art room, downloading and organizing pictures, working on photoshop and watermarking, and saving the photos I want to save on my computer. I also have a small set-up in this room as a place to photograph small objects (e.g. jewelry I made, objects to sell).

So, my recommendation is to find your own space to be an artist, whether it is a small room, part of a room, studio, or mobile (e.g. easel that you could fold up, put away, and bring out when the feeling strikes).    It is inspiring how this personal space could promote awesome art of any kind.  Well, that’s it for now.  As always, thanks for following and reading my blog.  Until next week..

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