Scott Kitsmiller introduces the Dolphin Dance Video

Fetch-It 360 took to the streets of Philadelphia Saturday afternoon in search for the Perfect Cocktail. We found our way into The Franklin Bar, a speakeasy-type cocktail lounge.  With a dimly lit posh decor, this venue serves up cocktails reminiscent of the golden age.

Watch as Scott Kitsmiller makes the Dolphin Dance Video

There we met bartender Scott Kitsmiller, who was about to introduce us to his new upcoming cocktail called the Dolphin Dance.  In honor of The Franklin Bars’s 7th anniversary, they are creating the 7 Deadly Sins cocktail series.  Each bartender is creating a cocktail inspired by one of the 7 Deadly Sins, and Scott jumped at the chance to create a cocktail based on the sin of Pride.  He gave us exclusive details about the Dolphin Dance before showing us how it is made and the incredible (and prideful) garnish that it boasts.


  • Ango
  • Absinthe
  • Allspice
  • Trader Vic macadamia nut
  • Dry Curaçao
  • Banana maple
  • Pineapple
  • Lime
  • S+C
  • Mount gay


dophin-dance-smallThe Dolphin Dance from first glance is a masterpiece. Decorated to look like a dolphin jumping out of your glass and into your hand or mouth when tilting the glass up high. The taste is refreshing and takes you back immediately to the first time you where sitting on a Caribbean beach having your first island drink. The flavors of rum and pineapple you notice first, with a hint of lime and banana maple. The Dolphin Dance is a drink that most could sit back in the sun and sip all day. Don’t let the fancy glass, decorations and smooth taste fool you, its a strong drink. A few Dolphin Dance drinks will definitely have you feeling it. The ingredients mesh perfectly to keep the drink from being over powered by any one ingredient and making the drink easy for everyone to enjoy.

To make a drink like this you have to be a perfectionist. This isn’t a drink you make at your house for a BBQ.  It would be a great drink to make, don’t get me wrong, but I’m sure it wouldn’t come out the same as when Scott makes it!  After tasting this masterpiece and witnessing his creative mixology, we had to ask Scott more about who he was and where he derived his inspiration.

Scott grew up in rural Michigan, in “farm town USA”.  In 8th grade he was a skateboarder who listened to music such as Duke Ellington and found out that everything relates somehow back to music. Scott had little exposer to any city until he was 18 years old and became a busboy in a sports bar in NYC. He walked into a Jazz Club one evening and remembers seeing people ordering what he considered to be the wrong drinks to go with the coolness of the environment and culture around them.  This was not the city identity of the Jazz scene he had pictured. He knew right then he wanted to change this.


Scott later attended Michigan State where he studied Jazz and started working in the restaurant business.  He developed his palate and a passion for food.  While in college he started visiting Chicago. After graduation he decided to sell everything and move to Chicago. By selling his car he was able to afford rent for a few months and make the big move to the city. Scott said this was point zero, starting over!

Scott soon started working at a place called Ramen-San, where he worked for 2 years. This is where Scott started studying drinks, making flash cards, buying and studying books.  He became a perfectionist, and turned every shift into a performance. Scott loved trying new things, and spent all his money on expanding his horizons and learning new things in the world of creative cocktails.

Scott took a leap of faith to further his education as a bartender by moving to Philadelphia.  He landed a job at The Franklin Bar doing trial shifts. No one starts as Bartender here, says Scott, they work their way up and learn from the bottom. This way they learn about the company and how things are done.  By not starting off at the top, the staff are less likely to take their position for granted or lose the identity of the bar.  

Scott nows plans to move back to Chicago with his girlfriend in July, taking everything he has learned in Philadelphia at the Franklin Bar to help him keep moving forward in his career.  Ultimately he dreams of, and works toward, having a place of his own in NYC.  We know he has the talent, he obviously has the drive and vision, and we wish him well in the future.  Although The Franklin Bar will miss him, their pride in Scott will remain in the Dolphin Dance.

Is this the Perfect Cocktail? Come down to The Franklin Bar, tell them Fetch-It 360 sent you and let us know what you think.

The Franklin Bar
112 S. 18th Street
(18th & Sansom)

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