We will be showcasing a new Extreme Haunted House Weekly

Features: 18+, Extreme Violence, Small Enclosed Spaces, Edibles, Submersion in Water, Covered in Blood, Must Sign a Waiver, Extreme Physical Contact, 2-3 Hour Experience.

This insanely extreme home haunt earns the #2 spot in the world because it can use scare tactics that are off limits to professional attractions. Participants are covered in blood, forced to eat disgusting things, threatened with power tools and stuffed into a clothes dryer. Don’t believe us? Just watch promotional video above. Did we mention the experience lasts for 2-3 hours?! So epic.

Visit San Diego to experience the blood soaked mayhem that is McKamey Manor! 

Can you make it thru?
We will be doing a give away to a lucky person to travel to one of these Haunted Houses to see if you can make it thru!

Comment below if you think you can make it!

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