Webster’s Dictionary defines inspiration as “something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone an idea about what to do or create.”  So, what inspires me?  I wanted to use this first blog as an introduction to my self and to my way of looking at the world and art.  I started off as that i wanted to write the next version of “ Sex and the City” but I’m going to stick to what i know and am passionate about and that is art… I tend to define myself as an artist at night and weekends; however, art occurs 24 hours, 7 days a week.  I wish i could just work on my own art all the time, but i have a full time job that is not the most artistic position. But art is everywhere, let me change that:  inspiration is everywhere.  I am inspired by the colors of the sky before a storm, a woman wearing a bright sundress walking down the street, butterflies flying around plants,  a reality show to find the next great artist or designer, the way a sprinkler shoots water into a pool, a new artist sculpting a masterpiece from clay, a young child playing with her dolls, the facets of gemstones in different lighting, trying a new dish at a local restaurant,  and I’m sure there are a million other things but those are what i can think of at the moment. 

keep-calm-and-inspire-someone-5All of the occurrences I mentioned were positive, but inspiration does come from the negative as well.  For example, after going through a horrible relationship, I found inspiration and wrote several poems, which helped me expel my feelings as well as to find solace and beauty in the situation.  Many painters (me included) have painted their inspiration from horrible occurrences.  I remember after there were a series of shootings and murders in a movie theater a few years ago i painted one of my first abstract acrylic painting pieces to depict the anger, sadness, and powerful emotions of the situation.  But i don’t want to focus only on the negative.  There is too much in the world that does that already.  I want to explore mediums of painting, photography, cooking, music, drawing, jewelry making and anything else that i can get my hands into and learn from. I am very lucky that i have this opportunity to do so as well as the freedom to do so, so i can create and pass on my learning experiences to you, the reader.  So every week,  i am going to take two “mediums” and chat about them, hoping to inspire you the reader to try one or to just think about one of the mediums and to find your own artist within.  

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