Bru in Center City Philadelphia is a must try for the nightlife scene in Philadelphia. The bar has a perfect balance of high energy party charisma along with an eloquent casual vibe. The variety of drinks these wonderful bartenders are trained to serve up provide will leave no one unpleased, and that is including the beer expert boyfriend along with his cocktail specialist girlfriend. Bru in Philadelphia allows for friends to gather and dance, while also catering it to the couple that is out to enjoy one another.

The way Bru in Philadelphia is able to pull this off is due to their unique design of the building. Part of the bar is long and narrow, forcing a social scene where you’re never too far out of site from your fellow drinkers. This part of the bar allows for a lot of mingling, even if you didn’t think you were much of mingler, you will get sucked in. Another section of Bru is a more spacious setting with plenty of seating, allowing for a more intimate scene for the more conservative or those that just want to relax. Bru in Philadelphia has a lot to offer and is definitely worth checking out.

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