When our team at Fetch It 360 put out the word that we were in search of the perfect cocktail, one the most eager to show off their stuff was iconic South St bar Tattooed Mom. We jumped at the shot and took out thirsty selves on down, We were greeted by an incredibly friendly and welcoming Adrian Mowry. Adrian is the beverage manager and one of the bartenders at Mom’s.  He started out by taking us on a brief tour.  You are taken in by the comforting surroundings. The fact the entire downstairs is carpeted gets ones attention as it adds to the living room feeling that is accented by the big comfy couches and Cracker Jack esque toys on the tables for guests to play with. But as you turn each corner you realize there are some pleasant surprises throughout the large spacious room.  Out the interior windows, where normally would be a dank alley is one of the most vibrant and brightest evolving art installations in the city. Created and maintained by Anthony Kosiakowski  With bright pastel colors it is an other worldly view with creatures and structures that make you shake your head and smile all at once.  


As were walking we notice bumper cars. Yes bumper cars.  We ask Adrian where they came from he tells us that the original owner, Cathy Hughes’ family business was importing carnival equipment and she thought it would be fun to bring them’ in to have as seats.  Fun indeed.  But we’re just getting started. As we ascend the stairs to the second floor it abundantly clear that our environment is about to change drastically.  What we walk into is three big rooms that one could refer to as a street art riot.  All of the walls are covered in various styles of graffiti. At first glance it seems overwhelming.  But as you traverse the pool tables and bi level flooring you realize this is something incredibly special.  There are hand painted skateboards, silk screens glued to the walls, vintage posters. Again we look to Adrian, who is clearly proud of what we are looking at. He tells us they look at this as a giant living art exhibit and encourage guests to put their stamp on it. It is impressive and amazing to take in to be sure. 

But we are here to try cocktails……

Adrian explains that the cocktail list has been around for about five years and like the art is always changing. He tells us the main idea for the cocktail list is that he wants to make drinks that are fun., In fact, fun is the word that he uses to describe just about everything he does there. 

The first cocktail he makes is a Popsicle Paloma:



  • Espolon Blanco Tequila
  • Deep Eddy Ruby Red Grapefruit Vodka
  • Lemon Soda
  • Frozen Fruit Popsicle



As he continues to tell us that he just thought it would be really fun and different to get a popsicle in a drink as a mixer all our faces break into giant grins.  With a salt rim and a popsicle submerged and a lovely pick hue we can hardly wait to start sipping. What we were treated to was what could be described as the better margarita. With the tequila and salt giving that familiar start to the summertime favorite. What follows is strawberry smoothness from the vodka. The tartness of sour and lime is replaced with the fruitiness of the popsicle.  As we talk and the popsicle melts  the color darkens the flavor evolves into a sweeter fuller taste.  I may have to get them to bottle the stuff for me the next time I head to the beach.  You can sip on these all day long. With serving different flavors of popsicle you could have a different drink each time.  


As we are clearly content with the delicious drinks in front of us Adrian tells us that he has been bar tending for 20 years. He tells us that as a musician he got into the industry as a server because of the flexible schedule. He hilariously recounts the story of how he first got behind a bar.  Working as a server one night an unruly patron started a fight with him (which Adrian says he won). The next day, sure he was fired, he called to apologize.  But instead of getting fired they offered him a promotion as a bar back. He said yes and has never looked back.


While we talk it’s almost as if he can’t help but to make us some more drinks. While he tells us about how much he loves the staff he has in place and that working there has always been a pleasure He talks about the current owner Robert Perry as if he’s talking about his own father.  We could have sat there all day.  


As we leave we notice the customers in the bar are a range of ages. There are some 20 something girls in the corner. A few hipsters at the bar along with a few 50=60 year old gentleman. Adrian knows what I am going to ask and says that it is pretty normal. All kinds of people come in and out. Everybody is there to have a fun time and clearly drink great cocktails.

Written by Rob Neddoff


Is the Popsicle Paloma the perfect cocktail? Get down to Tattooed Mom and give it a try and tell them Fetch It 360 sent you.

Tattooed Mom
530 South St
Philadelphia PA, 19147


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